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Public Sector Spectrum Use

Approximately half of the allocated radio spectrum below 6 GHz is currently used by public sector bodies for applications such as defence, public safety and transport. Radars and other navigational aids used by the aeronautical community are the largest uses by bandwidth, followed by military communication systems. Many of the applications are safety-critical and require exclusive spectrum to minimise the risk of harmful interference. There is, however, considerable sharing of spectrum within the public sector itself (e.g. between military and civil aviation) and increasingly between public sector and commercial applications (e.g. the co-existence of wireless local area networks with military and weather radars in the 5 GHz band).

The charts below illustrate the main uses of spectrum in the public sector in Europe:

Sectors Applications

Aegis has been engaged on a number of studies relating to public sector spectrum use, both for regulatory bodies and industry. This includes providing the technical lead on a European Commission study into optimising the use of public sector spectrum, support to Motorola on identifying spectrum for future public safety systems and work for a European national regulator to estimate the spectrum required for rollout of a national digital trunked radio network for the emergency services.

A recent Aegis presentation on public sector spectrum use is available for download here: Optimising Spectrum Use in the Public Sector.

For further information on how Aegis can help your organisation make the most of public sector spectrum, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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