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The ITU Radiocommunications Sector definition of Fixed Services encompasses both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems. Point-to-point links were used historically for trunk telephony and distribution of broadcast TV services. More recently, the availability of large amounts of spectrum in the millimetre wave bands above 20 GHz has led to increasing use of point-to-point links to provide customer access, and to link mobile network base stations and controllers. Point-to-multipoint and mesh networks enable fixed wireless services to be offered cost-effectively to a large population of potential subscribers, and are an economically attractive alternative to cable.

Our engineers have hands-on experience in planning fixed link networks and can provide comprehensive network modelling and interference analysis using the Aegis Spectrum Engineering Toolkit. The Toolkit also provides a powerful facility to evaluate sharing feasibility between terrestrial fixed services and satellite networks. This has been used on numerous occasions to define appropriate emission limits to permit effective sharing between satellite and terrestrial services, some of which have been formally adopted by the ITU.

We are particularly well-placed to advise those entering the broadband fixed wireless access (BFWA) market. We have recently carried out in-depth studies into the co-existence requirements of multiple BFWA technologies and the spectrum-sharing criteria for satellite and terrestrial broadband networks. We continuously monitor technology and market developments in BFWA and can provide comprehensive technical guidance to prospective network operators, equipment manufacturers and regulators.

For further information on how Aegis can help your organisation make the most of the opportunities BFWA can offer, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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