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The term ‘convergence’ is used to describe developments in broadcasting, telecommunications and information technology where access to entertainment, voice and information services is no longer restricted to specific delivery platforms such as the telephone or television set. Instead of viewing a specific programme at a specific time, material can be downloaded ‘on demand’ to fixed or mobile terminals, giving ubiquitous access to an almost unlimited number of channels.

The principal enabler of convergence is digital transmission, which allows audio, video, graphics and text to be multiplexed as a single data stream. The emergence of Internet protocols as de facto standards for multimedia transmission has further accelerated the trend. The Internet has become a reliable and economically attractive alternative to the conventional PSTN for voice conveyance.

Broadband access solutions are essential to realise the full potential that convergence has to offer. Upgrading the existing copper network has been one solution, as has the deployment of optical fibre to the home and office. However radio provides unique advantages for new entrants over wireline alternatives by providing wide area coverage for minimal infrastructure investment. Spectrum is now becoming available around the world for the latest generations of Broadband Fixed and Mobile Wireless Access and new technologies, such as LTE and WiMAX, are supporting higher data rates.

Aegis has been closely involved with both broad and narrow band fixed and mobile wireless access technologies. We have examined, for example, the potential for mobile WiMAX to share spectrum with satellite Earth station downlinks in the 3.5 GHz band. We have also investigated sharing scenarios involving fixed wireless access systems and other services, including satellites, radio local area networks and ISM equipment as well as licensing options for newly released broadband wireless spectrum.

We can offer impartial and informed advice on spectrum availability, standards, performance and service capabilities for all radio access systems. Whether you are a regulator planning to license such services or a potential operator, we can help ensure you gain maximum benefit from these major technological development.

For further information, please contact enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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