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Broadcasting was one of the earliest uses of the radio spectrum, and radio and television services continue to expand and develop. Following the development of analogue radio broadcasting in the 1920s and television in the 1930s, broadcast technology entered a period of steady expansion and development, during which FM radio transmission, colour TV and early digital techniques such as teletext were brought into operation.

In the last decade or so, this stable world has given way to an explosion of techniques and delivery mechanisms, such as direct-to-home satellite, digital terrestrial transmission of radio and television and the use of digital bit-rate reduction techniques to offer bandwidth compression. Aegis engineers have practical experience of these developments, having been involved, for example, with the development of the COFDM modulation system at the heart of digital terrestrial broadcasts. With the development of de facto standards such as RealAudio, we are seeing the Internet playing an increasing role in the future of broadcasting, eroding the traditional distinction between telecommunications and broadcast techniques.

We have been actively involved in this changing world for many years, having undertaken a wide variety of projects (for groups such as News International, BSkyB, the BBC, the European Radiocommunication Office, European Space Agency and others), concerned with the future use and development of both satellite and terrestrial digital broadcasting services. Our expertise covers all elements of the TV and audio broadcast chain, including spectrum planning and frequency management, infrastructure services such as SNG and OB, transmitter networks and consumer receiver systems. We are also able to assist with business and market issues such as the cost-benefit analysis of service provision.

We have undertaken a comprehensive review of spectrum use in Band II (the FM broadcast band), on behalf of the UK Radiocommunications Agency, the BBC and the Radio Authority.

More recently we have been involved in a wide range of studies, broadly concerned with the transition to Digital TV broadcasting, in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. This work has ranged from examinations of the technical constraints on spectrum release (the ‘Digital Dividend’) to a study concerned with time-varying interference to DTT networks.

We have also undertaken detailed spectrum planning for the introduction of broadcast services in specific areas, both for the BBC and independent broadcasters. Our work is supported by a comprehensive planning tool that makes use of Ordnance Survey and other terrain data, implements a range of detailed propagation models, and can predict the coverage of analogue or digital systems operating in single- or multiple-frequency networks.

"We welcome the study which highlights in a constructive way the challenges faced in trying to offer new city-wide services"

Philip Langsdale, Director of Distribution and Technology (BBC)

To discuss how Aegis can help your organisation achieve its goals in the broadcast industry, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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