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Radio plays a critical part in modern navigation and location finding systems. From simple directional beams, transmitting at a given frequency in a specific direction, through to the latest generation of satellite navigation systems, radio provides the essential medium.

Aegis has been involved with radionavigation and radiolocation systems for many years, undertaking detailed technical analysis of a variety of systems and services and working for clients such as Eurocontrol, Inmarsat and the UK Radiocommunications Agency.

Radio Navigation

We have a comprehensive knowledge of radio navigation systems, including directional and non-directional beacons, VHF Omni Range systems, Distance Measuring Equipment, Ground Radar, Instrument Landing Systems, Microwave Landing Systems (MLS), LORAN, the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system, and Europe's Global Navigation by Satellite (GNSS) programme.

Recent work includes the management of a series of international measurement programmes to determine the actual out-of-band performance of MLS receivers manufactured in Europe and North America. For an Administration, we have also simulated the compatibility between key radio navigation systems and other spectrum users in shared bands.


An Aegis study examined the impact on radiolocation systems of the possible relaxation or removal of the conditions imposed on the Fixed Satellite Service operators at 13.75-14 GHz. This analysis included the translation of the regulatory limits into separation distances, together with detailed sensitivity analysis of the potential impact of parameters such as propagation behaviour, antenna height, minimum elevation angle and Earth station power density.

For further information on how Aegis can help your organisation work with current and future radio navigation systems, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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