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Radio Coverage Prediction

We can provide accurate and competitively-priced predictions of the coverage area of any radio transmitter in Great Britain (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and the Isle of Man, but excluding Northern Ireland, Eire and the Channel Islands). The predictions can also include covered population from the UK 2011 census.

The coverage predictions are generated using extensively-validated software models, and make use of the Ordnance Survey digital terrain database, which has a 50 metre resolution.

General Radio Modelling

We have over a decade of experience in modelling audio and television broadcast systems, fixed links, PMR and broadband wireless access.

We can readily generate coverage or interference predictions for frequencies between 30 MHz and 40 GHz. For frequencies outside this range, we will be pleased to discuss approaches that might be relevant to particular systems.

Please contact us with details of your requirements.

VHF/FM Radio

For those users requiring a VHF/FM broadcast radio coverage prediction (for example organisations applying for a licence from the UK Radio Authority), we have developed a streamlined three-step procedure:

  1. Complete the form below, and press ‘Submit’.
  2. We will confirm receipt by e-mail.
  3. The required coverage maps will be posted to you within five working days.

The cost for the standard service is £150.00 (+ VAT), which includes three printed copies of the coverage map and an electronic copy on CD.

Transmitter Site Name:
Transmitter Grid Reference:
Transmitter Site Height (metres above sea level):
Transmitter Aerial Height (metres above ground level):
Transmitter Aerial Pattern:
Directional Pattern:
Effective Radiated Power (Watts):
Frequency (if known):

Delivery/Invoice Address:


Alternatively, if you have a requirement to provide coverage to a particular town or area, we can advise on suitable sites and transmitter specifications.

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