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Technical Studies

Spectrum Pricing & Economic Value

Review of Digital Dividend Options in Greece DIGITALDIVIDENDFINALREPORT.PDF [1.88 MB]
Reproduced courtesy of EETT.

Estimating the commercial trading value of spectrum plum_july09_commercial_trading_value_of_spectrum.pdf [874 kB]
Reproduced courtesy of Ofcom.

Co-existence & Compatibility

Wide-range propagation model - Final Report wrpmy1.pdf [176 kB]
ITU Recommendation P.2001 - A general purpose wide-range terrestrial propagation model in the frequency range 30 MHz to 50 GHz
Reproduced courtesy of Ofcom. Project led by Science and Technology Facilities Council - RCRU.

Domestic TV Aerial Performance aerials_research.pdf [2.11 MB]
Reproduced courtesy of Ofcom.


RF Measurement Assessment of Potential Wind Farm Interference to Fixed Links and Scanning Telemetry Devices windfarm_report.pdf [2.05 MB]
Reproduced courtesy of Ofcom. Project led by ERA Technology Ltd.

Some of the documents listed above are hosted by other organisations and as such Aegis Systems cannot guarantee their availability or the stability of their content.

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