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Making the Most of Available Spectrum EIF_spectrum_v5.pdf [921 KB]
Presentation to European Internet Foundation Dinner Debate, Brussels, 15th March 2011.

Regulatory and Policy issues for mobile broadband development ITU_2010_12_08_v2.pdf [4.3 MB]
Presentation to ITU Workshop on 'Mobile Broadband Network Projects – Opportunities and Challenges', 8–10th December 2010.

Spectrum Efficiency: Making the most of the available mobile spectrum DCKTN_CW_2009_09_24_v2.pdf [1.8 MB]
Presentation to joint DCKTN/Cambridge Wireless event 'Spectrum and the New Economy', 24th September 2009.

Optimising Spectrum Use in the Public Sector CW_spectrum_v1.pdf [216 KB]
Presentation to Cambridge Wireless FWAW SIG, 9th October 2008.

Public Workshop on Optimising the Use of the Radio Spectrum by the Public Sector in the EU - Applications and Technologies PubSectorAppsTech_v4.0.pdf [372 KB]
Prepared for the European Commission.

Introduction to Mobile Communications Mobile.pdf [227 KB]
Prepared for Bird & Bird Solicitors, London.

3G Mobile Overview 3g.pdf [489 KB]
Reproduced courtesy of the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation, Ireland.

Aegis Capability Sheets aegis capability sheets.pdf [517 KB]
Aegis Capability Presentation aegis capability presentation.pdf [77 KB]

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