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We have extensive experience in developing radio-related information systems, including interference analysis, propagation modelling, the use of terrain databases and spectrum management systems. Development projects have been undertaken in a variety of areas, including:

  • satellite system design
  • international frequency co-ordination and spectrum sharing
  • operational capacity planning
  • spectrum efficiency
  • interference analysis and propagation modelling

Working to appropriate software standards, our experienced development team can design and implement a wide range of systems, from prototype to fully operational. Our capability includes:

  • modelling and simulation
  • computer-aided software engineering
  • object orientation and C++
  • the use of Internet standards
  • engineering validation software

Examples of our software development projects include:

  • For a national defence agency: specification, design, implementation and maintenance of a satellite system design and cost trade-off model. This software has been used to evaluate a major military communication satellite system, assessing functionality and performance against cost implications.
  • Definition of user requirements and system scoping for a fully automated tool now enabling a major national Administration to undertake co-ordination for systems operating on a world-wide basis. The system enables our client to produce results with greater speed and accuracy than ever before, and by simplifying and automating data capture, the system has resulted in productivity benefits.
  • For an international satellite operator: specification, design and implementation of a capacity planning tool, to help maximise frequency reuse between a number of spot beams on the latest generation of the client's satellites. The tool enables all frequency assignments to be checked automatically against all other existing and planned systems using the same frequency allocation.
  • For a national Administration: specification, design and implementation of a flexible and intuitive simulator able to model any user of the spectrum, sharing with any other. It provides orbital modelling capabilities, a variety of on-line utilities, and a comprehensive context-sensitive help facility.
  • For a national Administration: implementation of a simulator able to model the existing fixed-link planning process, proposed changes to that process and the effect of new technologies. The simulator assesses spectrum efficiency and link performance in the presence of measured or simulated rain.

To discuss how Aegis can help your organisation develop software for radio engineering applications, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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