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The regulatory framework within which radio systems operate is continuously adapting in order to meet the needs of new types of radio system. At the same time, operators of radio systems established under current rules need to be aware of potential changes to the regulatory regime that might have an adverse effect on their operations. Important decisions affecting the regulatory system are taken in the various technical committees of the ITU, regional organisations such as the CEPT and standards bodies such as ETSI. Recognised for our professional impartiality and integrity, Aegis represents organisations in these committees, presenting the case for particular regulatory requirements to be implemented or changed, and on other occasions defending the status quo as being appropriate to the situation.

Aegis can protect your organisation's vital interests in these fora by:

  • analysing regulatory developments and proposing an appropriate strategic response
  • preparing input documents to committee meetings outlining the case to be made, backed up with technical or regulatory analyses
  • examining opposing points of view and preparing counter arguments
  • attending meetings, presenting the case to be made and countering any opposing positions
  • assessing the outcome of meetings and preparing for the next step in the process

To discuss how Aegis can help your organisation to present its case in international regulatory fora, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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