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The development and roll-out of radiocommunication products or networks can be a costly activity. In order to ensure a good return on investment it is essential that the product is technically viable, there is sufficient suitable spectrum available, an appropriate national or international licence is obtained and the product or service offering is commercially sound. We can help your company in each of these areas.

Technical Viability

Wireless products must operate in an increasingly hostile interference environment, while simultaneously meeting ever-growing customer demands for miniaturisation, mobility and multimedia support. Access to suitable spectrum may require the product to meet specific technical criteria. Achieving these objectives requires engineering at the margins of technical viability. In terms of radio performance, this demands a detailed knowledge of the likely interference environment taking into account factors such as location, frequency band, climatic conditions and the need to co-exist with other radiocommunication systems. We have been able to help our clients develop leading-edge products and identify suitable spectrum in areas such as radio access, satellite TV broadcast, tracking and satellite Internet access.

Spectrum Availability

Aegis continuously monitors spectrum allocations around the world, taking account of decisions made by international bodies such as the ITU as well as national spectrum management authorities. We also track technology developments, such as the migration of television broadcasting from analogue to digital, which can free up spectrum for new applications. We are therefore well placed to advise on the opportunities existing for product or service launch in different parts of the world.

Licence Applications

Preparation of an application for equipment approval or a licence to operate, whether on a national or international basis, demands careful preparation and appropriate support. We are able to help our clients at all stages of the application process. From demonstrating the ability of the equipment or service to operate in harmony with other radio services, through to detailed interference analysis to demonstrate compatible working with specific existing networks, we are able to help our clients prepare the strongest possible technical case to support their application. Our support continues throughout the process, from preparation of the application, technical analysis of any objections that may be raised, through to successful award of the equipment approval or licence.

Commercial Viability

With a thorough understanding of the market forces operating within the radiocommunications industry, we are able to help our clients evaluate the commercial viability of products and services, to undertake commercial and technical trade-offs and to help with the production of business plans.

To discuss how Aegis could help your organisation to develop, launch and support commercially successful radio products and services, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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