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Understanding the business case for any project is important: for costly radio communication projects it is essential. For regulators, understanding potential demand for services is essential in predicting likely future demand for spectrum. By drawing upon a detailed knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of current and future radio technologies, combined with a thorough understanding of relevant market forces, Aegis is able to help clients gain a real insight into the prospects for new systems. We were, for example, responsible for developing a detailed business case to support the development of a multi-functional satellite system operating in South-East Asia. This included:

  • a detailed examination of actual and potential competitors
  • overall forecasts of demand for a range of services
  • projected revenue streams for varying payload and service options over a ten-year period

We have been closely involved with the development of cellular technologies and associated frequency bands and our work has required detailing the wide range of economic and market factors that influence the uptake of the services. This has included development of predictive algorithms, combining factors such as market penetration, sectoral growth, population growth, development of competitive services, and regional variations in service uptake. We have been involved in studies assessing the expected future demand for cellular and broadband wireless networks and the associated spectrum requirements.

A study for a cellular operator required an examination of the competitive strategy adopted by current providers and an assessment of the regulatory and technical issues that might affect market growth. Bringing together market information with an evaluation of potential moves by competitors, the project produced a series of recommendations for the client's commercial strategy.

Other studies, such as those for Ofcom (the UK regulator), have determined the likely future demand for spectrum across broad market sectors such as health care and entertainment. These studies required identification of the major factors (drivers and barriers) that would impact on the use of radio spectrum in order to develop a number of likely scenarios that might arise to provide a range of possible outcomes.

To discuss how Aegis could help your organisation gain an insight into current and future markets for radio applications, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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