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Radio spectrum management in many countries is evolving from the traditional “command and control” model to a less prescriptive, more market-led, approach. The details naturally vary from country to country but an increasing number of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) are seeking to provide greater flexibility and transparency in the management of spectrum through the introduction of technology-neutral allocations and assignments, use of auctions for spectrum award and in some cases the introduction of spectrum trading and liberalisation of the rules governing spectrum use. By adopting a more flexible approach, NRAs can ensure that spectrum users can respond rapidly to market and technology changes, enhancing the economic and social benefits that access to radio spectrum can provide.

Whatever the underlying radio spectrum management approach it is essential that access can be provided to appropriate spectrum through transparent and fair licensing processes and the implementation of policies to ensure efficient allocation and use of the spectrum. We can help regulators to develop such policies and we can help operators to navigate the resulting processes.

Regulator Support

We have been active in supporting national and regional regulators in their efforts to promote competition and introduce new services and technology. Key areas where we can provide consultancy support are in spectrum licensing, pricing of radio spectrum (to determine auction prices or annual fees where spectrum has not been auctioned), spectrum liberalisation and the introduction of spectrum trading and strategic reviews.

Spectrum licensing

 Licensing Process

Aegis can help in all the steps leading to licence award. We can provide the necessary technical and market expertise needed to:

  • develop an appropriate approach for the award of the spectrum based on the legislation, policy objectives, technology and market developments and identify relevant questions that should be asked through initial consultations and presentations
  • analyse responses, identify important issues, develop strategies to address these issues and prepare follow-on consultations and targeted meetings
  • develop sections of the licence tender documents and in the case where spectrum is to be awarded by auction develop proposals for the reserve price and any performance bonds
  • analyse responses to tender documents, where licences are to be awarded by a beauty contest or a mix of auction and beauty contest.

We have been involved in such activities on behalf of regulators in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Venezuela, addressing licensing initiatives such as third-generation mobile and broadband wireless access.

Spectrum management

 Spectrum Management Support

Aegis can help you develop policies and methodologies for spectrum management such as spectrum valuation, trading, liberalisation and pricing. We have well-established links with economic consultancies which allow us to cover all aspects – from spectrum engineering and frequency management to economic, policy and market issues. We have first-hand experience of developing approaches and methodologies for pricing of spectrum.

We can benchmark your approach against other administrations or we can undertake a bespoke study to examine specific issues that may be of concern to you.

Operator and User Support

Licence applications

Aegis can provide support for operators in licence applications by providing:

  • Advice prior to licence application, e.g. to respond to consultations relating to new licensing initiatives or preparing inputs to the licensing authority to support requests for access to new frequency bands.
  • Strategy workshops that address areas such as the regulatory framework, technological and market issues, competition and entry strategies.
  • Advice on regulatory issues and support in lobbying the administration, responding to consultations, and attending industry groups.
  • Project management and support of the bid process or parts thereof such as the technical and marketing responses.

Aegis can also provide support to users who need to apply for individually assigned licences, such as fixed links or private business radio, that are assigned by the Regulator. This can include:

  • path or coverage planning
  • completing application forms
  • liaising with the regulator
  • project management of the process.

To discuss how Aegis can help your organisation to achieve its licensing objectives, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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