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Frequency Management

Increasing demand for radio spectrum, both from traditional applications and new, innovative services is placing unprecedented pressure on the management of this vital resource. Aegis has been actively involved in frequency management at both national and international levels for over a decade.

Frequency management is the process of deciding which services may use which parts of the spectrum. Internationally, this process takes place at three main levels, namely the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at global level, the Conference of European Post and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) at the European level, and individual national regulatory authorities (NRAs). Aegis has a long track record of supporting both regulators and industry in frequency management.

Frequency management is necessary to facilitate co-existence between different radio services and to protect vulnerable non-commercial uses (such as radio astronomers) from interference. However, both ITU and CEPT are becoming increasingly proactive in promoting new services and technologies on a harmonised international basis, to derive greater economic and social benefits from the radio spectrum. It is therefore increasingly important for those in the radiocommunications field to be aware of – and to influence – developments in these fora.

To find out how Aegis can help you to do this, please contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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