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As an increasing number of systems compete for use of the radio spectrum, so the need to protect existing users grows. The protection of existing radio systems is ensured through a formal process known as co-ordination, which is invoked before a new system is introduced. During this process, negotiations are undertaken with a view to making system adjustments or defining operational criteria that ensure a mutually satisfactory frequency sharing environment.

CanadaExamples of where co-ordination is likely to arise include:

  • between satellite networks
  • between satellite Earth stations and terrestrial services in the territory of a different Administration
  • between satellite networks and terrestrial services (as illustrated in the map of Canadian terrestrial stations opposite)
  • between terrestrial services of neighbouring Administrations

Aegis is able to provide comprehensive support for co-ordination activities, including:

  1. System level planning, including the derivation of link budgets to achieve service level objectives while taking account of propagation conditions and equipment performance.
  2. System filing with ITU (advance notification, co-ordination, Resolution 46 procedure related to use of Non-Geostationary Orbits, etc.), based on the system design and associated link budgets.
  3. The analysis (including simulation) of specific interference situations involving space and/or terrestrial systems, including the identification of possible interference mitigation techniques. Preparation of a report suitable for presentation to other parties, such as Administrations or the operator of a sharing service.
  4. The presentation and justification of results to other parties as part of the co-ordination process.
  5. Negotiation with other parties in order to overcome any perceived difficulties during the co-ordination process.
  6. Further interference analysis in order to demonstrate a mutually acceptable interference environment arising from technical changes negotiated during the co-ordination process.

The above co-ordination process is typical of that applied at an international level and a similar process is often followed at a national level when obtaining a licence for the introduction of a new radio system. Aegis can provide support for both national and international co-ordination activities.

To discuss how Aegis could help your organisation to achieve success in national or international co-ordination, contact us at enquiry-2015@aegis-systems.co.uk.

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