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With well over a decade of experience in spectrum engineering and frequency management we have had the time and experience to develop the knowledge, resources and systems needed to address even the most complex problems.

Our well-established reputation for delivery of an efficient and reliable professional service is facilitated by the four pillars of our company:

  • Our people.
  • Our radio systems modelling software: the Aegis Spectrum Engineering Toolkit.
  • Our resource of technical, regulatory and market standards and information.
  • Our quality management system.

Our People

Our reputation is built first and foremost upon the capability of our staff. All of our engineers are graduates and have a Master's degree, a Doctorate or are Chartered Engineers. All are affiliated to relevant professional bodies. We ensure the currency of our expertise through a structured programme of professional development and training.

Regulatory Resources

Having specialised in radio engineering since the mid 1980s we have built up an extensive range of in-house resources to support our work. For example, the company holds continually updated versions of:

  • the ITU Radio Regulations
  • the Final Acts of the World Radio Conferences amending the Radio Regulations
  • the complete ITU-R Recommendations
  • a wide range of ITU-R Study Group documentation
  • the Space Network List
  • the International Frequency List

In addition we have a wide range of related documentation, including numerous standards, procedures, research papers and publications from groups such as ETSI, ICAO, IEEE, BBC and 3GPP. We also hold ISO and BSI documentation, together with many draft ITU Recommendations and their associated supporting documents.

Aegis Spectrum Engineering Toolkit

The accurate simulation and analysis of complex radio system scenarios demands the use of proven, flexible software. The Aegis Spectrum Engineering Toolkit provides exactly that. Comprising an extensive suite of engineering software that has been developed over many years, the Toolkit provides a flexible environment for modelling any type of radio system, including space, terrestrial and aeronautical, fixed and mobile, active and passive.

Containing an extensive library of validated propagation models, antenna patterns, terrain models and orbit propagators, the Toolkit enables us to analyse not only potential interference situations that arise on a regular basis but also completely new configurations. This enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to any client requirement. For more details see our Aegis Spectrum Engineering Toolkit page.

Quality Management System

Quality is a central issue within the company. Just as our emphasis upon highly experienced and appropriately qualified staff gives our clients an assurance of technical competence, so our quality system underlines our continuing commitment to strong project and commercial management. It is the consistent and high level of quality that we achieve in our work that has ensured that our clients return to us time and again.

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